Academy Advisory Board

The single driving force of the Academy Advisory Body members is to work strategically with the leadership of the academy to bring about paced improvements in standards and teaching and learning. 

The AAB is committed to the development of education for our region’s young people and raising the aspirations, attainment and achievement of the students who attend the academy. 

The AAB shares the academy staff’s pride in raising the expectations of its students, creating the best opportunities for them and preparing them for their lives beyond the academy by creating a safe and secure learning environment which allows all students to learn through a broad and balanced curriculum where everybody’s contribution is valued and everybody is challenged to reach their full potential. 

We do not achieve this in isolation but through working closely with partner schools, parents and community groups to build a caring ethos which meets the needs of our learning community. 

Hanson Academy is a member of the Delta Academies Trust through which we have access to a wide network of support and many opportunities for our staff and students. The Delta ethos of ‘Changing Lives’ enables us to develop partnerships within and beyond our region.  

AAB Members

Mr Roger Dawson: Appointed 5th September 2022

Mr Jon Hairsine: Appointed 5th September 2022

Ms Sarah Rhodes-Bickerdyke: Appointed 5th September 2022

Mr Neil Miley: Appointed 5th September 2022

Dr Fatima Murad: Appointed 5th September 2022


If you wish to contact the AAB Chair Mr John Hairsine you can do via the academy email at or by letter addressed to:

Chair of the Education Advisory Body
c/o Hanson Academy
Sutton Avenue
Swain House Road