Home Learning KS4

Delta Academy gives all staff and students access to Microsoft Office 365, and can be downloaded for free here.  This includes Outlook Email and Calendar, One Drive Cloud Storage, Teams Classrooms, Word, PowerPoint, Excel and many more of the Microsoft 365 packages to use where ever they may be in the world.

Additional work will also be set and/or accessed on the following websites (click to access):

GCSEPod podcasts are designed for mobile devices, so it’s like carrying a huge pile of textbooks and revision guides around with you everywhere.

Its like an online Knowledge Organiser!

Have an expert read and explain everything for you clearly and precisely with all the right facts, quotes, keywords, dates and annotated diagrams on screen. You won’t need to use it for long before you feel the impact.  Consistent use in short chunks is proven to support achievement.

Your teacher may create an assignment which will include a playlist of podcasts for you to watch and some questions for you to answer, or you can choose your own pods focussing on areas you know you need to improve.

After watching a Pod you must complete a retrieval activity in your book to help you memorise that information.

Sparx maths is an online learning platform using videos, homework questions, and an overall data-driven approach to provide a personalised classroom learning and homework experience for pupils and insights into their learning for teachers and parents.

The platform covers the entire Maths curriculum and homework will be set each week by class teachers.  At least two tasks and a consolidation exercise will be set, which should take students up to one hour to complete.

The tasks set, will cover what has been taught in the previous week and the consolidation task focuses on topics that students found difficult in previous weeks.  This cycle allows full consolidation and recap of previous learning in order to continually practise and recall knowledge.

Students should watch the online videos to help with any questions they find difficult and use their Sparx book to write down full working out and answers.

Research has shown that actively working on Sparx for the recommended one hour of homework per week for one whole school year was associated with an increase of almost 30 per cent of a (predicted) GCSE grade.

You can always do more with Sparx. Alongside the compulsory home learning task that is set each week, Sparx Maths offers two additional sets of questions for students to complete – XP Boost and Target. XP Boost questions cover previously taught topics and give students the opportunity to further consolidate their learning.

Languagenut gives you access to all the vocabulary you have been learning in your Languages lessons. You can access it from any device, making it perfect for using it both on the go and when settling down for a longer home learning session!

The website and app are jam-packed with loads of different retrieval activities to keep your language skills tip-top. Play games on your own or challenge your friends and see who will be victorious!

Practise all four of your key skills – listening, reading, speaking and writing – in the zone dedicated to exam-style questions, perfect for GCSE preparation.

Your teachers can set you assignments to complete and you can deepen your understanding by independently exploring the wealth of knowledge available to you.

After completing any assignment you must complete a retrieval activity in your book to help you memorise that information.

The Science department currently use Seneca as our online learning platform. It is an interactive website that allows the students to complete set assignments and to work through the entire course at their own pace. 

The Seneca interface is user friendly; it is easy to log in and allows parents to monitor students’ usage. The class teacher will set a Seneca assignment weekly in year 11, the plan is to widen participation across all school years. Deadlines are shared with students and parents and monitored by the teachers. Seneca has a mix of AI marking and staff marking so students can get quality feedback. 

As a department we feel that Seneca suits the needs of our learners, it allows us to differentiate learning and has enough interaction to keep students engaged. 

Other useful sites: