Key Stage 4 Options

At the end of Year 9 students opt for 3 subjects that they will study in key stage 4 and certificate by the end of Year 11 (the list of all the current option choices is in the table below). In addition, students also all opt from either History or Geography to enable them to maximise their attainment scores in the second Attainment 8 ‘basket’. During Year 9 students will also discuss the possibility of studying triple science. We have made some exciting changes to the Year 10 curriculum, where increasing numbers of students will be studying the EBacc pathway. We strongly believe that studying a language is an important part of creating the ‘whole child’, learning to appreciate different people and cultures, whilst improving communication skills, metacognition, and life chances. We offer a wide range of both subjects and qualifications which will cater for all needs from creative and technical qualifications to more academic and health related courses. We design our curriculum around each individual child, and it is, therefore, a bespoke curriculum. We work with students and parents/carers to ensure their choices will best match their enjoyment and potential in each case. Students will follow a course that best suits their abilities and could include GCSEs, BTEC and Cambridge National or Technical certificates. The full list of options and time allocation for Key Stage 4 are in the tables below:

KS4 Curriculum Hours
SubjectYear 10 and 11
Physical Education1
Option 1 (Geography or History)3
Option 2 (Open/MFL*)2 (*3)
Option 3 (Open Basket)2
Option 4 (Open Basket)2
Total number of hours per week25
Depending on need Year 11 students will also access Intervention English and/or Maths and/or 1:1 English/Maths

Details of the different courses can be found in the Options Booklet:


Many of our Key Stage 4 students are identified to follow the English Baccalaureate (EBacc) pathway but all pupils have the opportunity to study this.

English Baccalaureate

The following subjects make up the English Baccalaureate (EBacc):

  • English
  • Maths
  • Science
  • History or Geography
  • French or Spanish

The EBacc is made up of the subjects which are considered essential to many degrees and open lots of career prospects. The EBacc is highly valued by the universities widely regarded as the top universities (Russell Group).

Pathway Options
EBacc Pathway Blue PathwayStudents on this pathway have an option choice of:
History or Geography
French or Spanish
Two open options  
Open Pathway Yellow PathwayStudents on this pathway have an option choice of:
History or Geography
Three open options    

Option 2024 Timeline: