Leeds Beckett Adapted Adventure Day

On Thursday 2nd May, students from Resourced Provision for Deaf Students, Year 8 to 11 visited Leeds Beckett University, to take part in an adapted adventure day! The students ventured out of their ‘comfort zone’ in a new environment and focused on their team building and communication skills.

The students worked together for a grass skiing activity in which they travelled across the grass on skis. It was quite tricky at first, but they persevered and focused on their technique, and by the end of the session, we had some quite successful grass skiers! They even took part in a competition between boys and girls- we will leave you to guess the result!

During indoor kayaking, the students played games involving turn-taking and strategy. They moved into teams where they competed to collect the most items through rotations and speed – there were no dry students by the end of the game!

Finally, some of the students conquered their fear of heights by climbing to the top of the tower. Their first challenge was to reach the top; however many students chose to make it even more difficult by limiting their routes and the amount of moves they could make.

It was a fantastic day!

“My favourite activity was the kayaking, I liked how quickly you can move through the water, but I did fall in a few times!” Adrian.

“I got all the way to the top and feel proud,” Jacob.